The Team

Michael Annetta

Lead Designer/Director

Michael Annetta - Lead Designer and Director of Seymour DeeplyMichael is an MFA candidate in USC’s Interactive Media division, graduating in May 2012.  Seymour Deeply is his thesis project and he’s thrilled and honored to be working with such an amazing team as this.  His interests in Interactive Media extend beyond the conventional definition of “video gaming.” In addition to traditional digital games (which he loves), Michael’s scholarship is in the emerging fields of transmedia storytelling, stereoscopic3D (s3D), public interactives / responsive environments, interactive data visualization and other real-world experience design (whew!). His earlier career as a theatre artist (actor, singer, director, producer) constantly informs his work as an interactive designer, no matter how much he tries to keep it out. He is also a total musical theatre and comic book geek and is the Interactive Media Division’s go-to person for comic- and superhero-related information.

Wishes he could see more deeply into: people’s minds

Konstantin Brazhnik


Konstantin Brazhnik - Producer of Seymour DeeplyKonstantin is a physics nerd turned film geek. While studying film production at USC, he became intoxicated by the perfect combination of right-brain left-brain thinking that game design requires and was hooked. Currently, he is applying his knowledge of film producing and visual aesthetics and storytelling to two USC graduate thesis projects. He hopes to use his media creating skills to foster and promote healthy living and strong communities.

Jimmy Gorham

Game Designer

Jimmy Gorham - Game DesignerJimmy is a degenerate looking to spread his bad influence into interactive projects. Though a specialist in mobile interactive media, Jimmy has a history of working on projects that stretch his interests and force him to think about new problems. Currently he is managing a start up company and looking forward to ending his leave of absence from the IMD graduate program.

Wishes he could see more deeply into: the future.

Nathan Burba

Game Designer


Patrick Meegan



Che-Wei Chang

Kinect Programmer

Che-Wei "James" Chang - Kinect Programmer
Che-Wei Chang received his undergraduate Computer Science Degree from the National Cheng Kung University(NCKU), Taiwan in 2010. He is now studying in master degree of Computer Science in the University of Southern California . His research in NCKU focused on computer vision and finished a binocular stereo vision system project.

Ryo Chibo



Talgat Duisenov


Talgat Duisenov - ProgrammerTalgat is a Grad student at USC majoring in CS games. He loves making games and really enjoyed programming for Seymour Deeply.

Ke “Winters” Lu

Kinect Programmer

Ke "Winters" Lu - Kinect ProgrammerWinters is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in computer science with the specialization in Multimedia and Creative Technologies at USC. Before he moved to LA, Winters was an intern of Microsoft (China) as a development testing engineer. His expertise is in OpenGL based computer graphic, simulation and advanced computer-user interaction. Winters is interested in all awesome and creative things including graphics, game, web. He will graduate in May of 2013.

Ino Mantaring

Programmer/3D Programmer

Ino Mantaring - Programmer/3D ProgrammerIno is a computer science Masters student.  Avid gamer but doesn’t really care for developing games. Otherwise is into drawing, painting, playing the piano, singing, and a whole load of other artsy stuff that really don’t fit into the stereotype of a computer scientist. Strangely in love with the quantitative side of art.

Wishes he could see more deeply into: the future of course.

Madhulika (Ayesha) Mazumdar



Andres Ramirez


Andres grew up in Medellin, Colombia, where he received his bachelor’s degree in computer science with a focus on 3D graphics and distributed virtual reality. He graduated with a honorable mention for his Graduation Work based on the popular DirectX9 SDK. He also worked for Medellin’s game studio Wizard3D where he fulfilled different roles such as R&D in game mechanics and graphics technologies and was a junior developer for the company. During this time he also lead the Game Development Club at EIA University, where he taught basic concepts about game development and the Unity engine. More recently he moved to LA to pursue his Master’s degree in Computer Science with a specialization in game development.

Ran Zhai


I am a graduate student from University of Southern California. My major is Computer Science in Game Development. I love programming and Games. Not only I want to do Game Programming and Design things but also I want to create and make cool future tech.

Wishes he could see more deeply into: beautiful soul

Ran’s Website

Chao Zhang

Kinect Programmer

Chao will be receiving his MS in Computer Science in 2012. He is highly interested in games, all of them.

Willie Hoffman

Character Rigger/Animator

Willie Hoffman - Character Rigger/AnimatorWillie is an Interactive Media / Film Production double major. An Undergraduate, he’ll be graduating in 2014.  He loves video games, film, animation, and even books (those old paper thingies).

Wishes he could see more deeply into: the future

Borja Gonzalez

Asset Modeler

Borja is a student of the Gnomon School of Visual effects. He graduated in architecture paying his studies working on Autodesk, architecture firms and some short movies till he got his dream to come to LA. He loves filmaking, matte painting and digital sets.

Wishes he could see more deeply into: movies

Matt Soule

Composer and Sound Designer

Matt Soule - Composer and Sound DesignerMatt Soule is a professional Sound Designer/Producer based in Los Angeles, CA. His studio “PeopleMover Sound” focuses on sound design and post-production sound editing and mixing. He is also a sound supervisor at Universal Studios Hollywood Theme Park. Matt has a music production project named “The Reminding Ideas.”

Wishes he could see more deeply into: the noise

Miss Tak

Concept and Comic Artist

Miss Tak studied Illustration at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena CA. She graduated with honours in the Fall of 2009. She rambles from freelance project to freelance project covering everything from Sci-fi Game Concept Art and Fantasy graphic novels. She enjoys working along side her Concept Designer husband, Jacob Sparks, and her French Bulldog Mortecai in their home studio in Los Angeles.

Wishes she could see more deeply into: what makes others tick

Kevin Fabian

Voice Actor

Kevin Fabian - the voice of "Colin"Kevin Fabian has been acting since his stellar turn in 4th grade as Happy Hopagog in the well received but woefully attended “Happy Hopagog The Man in the Moon.” Since then he has gotten his MFA in acting from Southern Methodist University worked at regional theaters around the country ( Actors Theatre of Louisville, The Old Globe in San Diego, Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland) and has appeared on a variety of TV shows (most recently CHUCK) and numerous commercials. Kevin recently recorded the audio book THE TAKEN for HarperCollins.

Wishes he could see more deeply into: his heart and mind to find a good answer to this question so as not to appear shallow and/or stupid.